You Are Special

Did you know that you were made in God’s image? He makes everyone different and unique. No one is alike. He gives each and everyone of us gifts. We all fit into his big plan that none of us have a single clue about. He knows each and everyone of us better than we know ourselves. Even though there are so many people in the world, he knows us all and loves us all. He loves in our good and bad times. He loves us so much that he even sent his only son down to earth to die for us. We are so loved that he did that for you. Can you imagine that? We are all broken and sinful and he sent his perfect son to save us, his creations.

You can help bring people to the faith by using the gifts that God gave you. Whether it is the gift of speech, or the gift of encouragement, or whatever gifts that you have, use them to make a person’s day. Sometimes it is small acts of kindness that make a person’s day and sometimes that makes you feel special when you do something nice for a person. Some people might need your help with their problems in life. Look out for other people and let them know that they are heading towards danger and you might be able to steer them toward Christ.


One Response to You Are Special

  1. Tracie Terneus says:

    Very uplifting thoughts. 🙂

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