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Light and Darkness

What do you think when you hear the words light and darkness. Do you think of morning and night? The Sun and the Moon? A garden vs. a dark cave? Happiness and despair? Good and evil? This past week, I … Continue reading

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Shocking Truths from the Bible: Seven Proofs of God’s Existence

Originally posted on Becoming Christians:
Recently, I met a die-hard atheist, not in person but in a social networking site. We had a couple of argument but he is too close-minded. Even other people commenting on our posts can clearly…

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Have Faith

Have you ever doubted God? Even Peter, one of his disciples, doubted God. He doubted him when he was walking on the water with Jesus. We all doubt God sometime in our life. Sometimes we do not even think he … Continue reading

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Remember Ruth

Who has read the book of Ruth? Most people think “Yeah, well I guess she was pretty cool. I mean she is in the Bible and all.” Well I am here to tell you that she is way more than … Continue reading

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