Too many things, too little time

Christmas is coming! Oh my goodness, I probably should not have said that, for there come even more stress, which is piled on top of cooking, homework, work, and so much more. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! So much work to do with very little time. My, my, my, what to do? This happens to a lot of people. Take a deep breath. Then after that, take another one. Everyone on this earth goes through the same thing. You might look at a random stranger in the mall thinking, “Wow, look at this person walking in the mall. They must have an easier life than I. I wish I was them.” NO!!! They don’t have an easier life than yours. All you are doing is digging a hole for yourself that ends who knows where. It would be much easier if you thought that you could finish this Christmas task (lets be honest, you can do it because you have done it before and…..lived!) and moved on with life and had fun while your at it. So next time you freak out, just breathe, pray, and think positively.

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