The priest who died

This Sunday I was listening to the sermon, as I always do and it really made me think. This man in front of me was talking about one of his friends who was a priest and was saying that this friend of his had died a while back. This friend was never afraid to speak his mind and let you know how he felt. In the sermon, he said that he went to the funeral and picked up the card about him and read it to see if it fully captured him and it did. On the back it said, “Christ died for you so that you may live eternally with him. If you find a better deal, take it.” What this was saying, was that you get to live forever in this happy life. How wonderful would that be? You can’t really find a better deal than living forever in eternal happiness. I am pretty sure nothing better exists, so take up that deal and hold fast to it. Be excited that you get that deal and tell it to others. I am sure that everyone will want it too.

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