Self-dependent, or Not

We always think that we can do everything ourselves. But the question is…is it really true? I was thinking about this recently and remembered that the Bible does say to rely on the Lord. Yes we have free will and can choose the paths we go down. The interesting thing is that we could not really have life without God breathing life into us. We definitely would not be able to even get to heaven without God sending his Son to die for us. So, I do not think that we are self-dependent. In fact, we rely on the Lord or we should rely on the Lord more often than we think. We rely on Him to provide for us, whether it is for our daily meals to even just a good day at work and so much more. Never be afraid to pray to God for he loves you dearly and absolutely loves to hear your voice. You must trust in the Lord to get through life. Even if you just tell him about your day, that is ok. Just talk to him and he always listens. Remember that he is your closest friend for life. He knows you even better than yourself so he will understand.

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One Response to Self-dependent, or Not

  1. Tracie says:

    Thanks for the reminder that prayer can be simple and that we are loved so very much!

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